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MarNet is the best IT consulting Chicago provider that takes care of its clients. Our dedicated and experienced team of IT consultants, managers and technical professionals brings unmatched experience to offer our customers the best services across the world. We work to provide you innovative strategies and solutions that are required to meet the requisites of the advanced web needs. Our reputation as an industry leader is strongly attributable to the distinct capabilities of our accomplished and hands-on individuals. The diverse capabilities and fully integrated approach of our staff ensures an ‘unmatched total solution’ for every client.

  • IT Consulting and Services|

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  • Managed Services

    MarNet enables you to place your IT operations under the management of experienced specialists so you can fully focus on your strategic projects.

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  • Server Support

    Servers are lifeblood of your business networks. A disruption in a server means a disruption in your business and day-to-day dealings and activities.

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  • Network Support

    Downtime means losing business and money! We can help you minimize downtime by offering our 24x7 network monitoring and support service.

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  • Security

    Security is a hot topic today! Do not allow yourself to lose customers and revenue due to a security breach or vulnerability. MarNet offers expertise and compliance.

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  • Desktop Support

    Our IT technicians offer customized, top-of-the-line desktop services tailored to meet the needs of your environment and the technical capabilities of your end-users.

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  • Compliance

    Keep in trend with the new government regulations. We offer best compliance, policies, procedures, control and IT governance services.

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  • Database

    We offer solutions that fit your needs: database design, data modeling, data analysis and security and database maintenance. Call today!

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  • Phone and Mobile

    Target your busy customers with MarNet's mobile solutions. We offer mobile web design, mobile apps, VoIP implementation, SMS servers and more.

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